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ZAGABO premium street fashion designer label was founded in 2009 by Lead Designer Gabi Szabó. ZAGABO’s unmistakable style goes beyond trends to cater to the needs of women and men who seek to express their personalities through garments that blend Parisian chic with New Yorker streetsmart.

With its very own ZAGABO designer raincoats the label has created novelty clothing items that are both stylish and functional. With a new raincoat version designed for each new seasonal collection ZAGABO’s designer raincoats come in several cuts and lengths and a myriad of color combinations. Cherished by shoppers and fashion bloggers our raincoats have been worn and tested in every corner of the globe, providing users with a truly rainchic experience. 

With the aim of offering customers a simple and versatile means of boosting their outfits ZAGABO has designed and developed the STRAPPS product line, its own take on designer belts. The mosaic belts bring color and dynamic design into monochrome outfits, so users can mix and match STRAPPS belts and their dresses to create new looks for every occasion. The belts come in various pattern versions comprised of textile and in some cases genuine leather inserts. STRAPPS come in hip and waist versions, the latter available in two widths.