New zagabo website and collection 2019-09-27 – Posted in: Design

Big things are happening in zagabo’s 10th year of existence, and the biggest of them all is launching right now. We are proud to present our brand new website and webshop. What’s more we are also premiering our new fall/winter Nordveev collection, which you can now browse conveniently from desktop and mobile devices, as well. In our new webshop, with a few clicks, you can now purchase your very own zagabo designer raincoat which we ship worldwide. Below we have gathered the most important features of the new website.


In our Shop menu you can now shop for women’s, men’s and kid’s zagabo raincoats. We offer worldwide shipping and free shipping to select European countries for orders above 100 EUR. Please, consult our page on shipping options and fees. As of now you have the option to pay bia direct bank transfer, but card payment will be added very soon. Using our MyRaincoat service you can even customize your zagabo raincoat, have ot tailored to your specific  size, the color combination of your choice and further customization options are available.

Seasonal collections

You will find our latest fall/winter Nordveev collection along with all previous zagabo collections in the Collections menu. You can try the new Nordveev sets on in our showroom in Ylka Design Studio. If you would like to know more about a given set from a collection, please, use the “Ask about this product” link on the product page. You also have the option to select multiple items and put them on your wishlist by pressing the “Add to wishlist” button on the product page. From the “Wishlist” menu you can then send us questions regarding all the items on your wishlist. You cannot place items from seasonal collections in your cart, but you can order them by contacting us. We also offer worldwide shipping for our seasonal collection products.

Please, help us create an even greater experience on the zagabo website. We look forward to your comments, questions and feedback. Feel free to contact us anytime. In the meantime we hope you will enjoy our brand new site and our products.